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 How to create drop shadow with layer style in Photoshop?

I am talking with this tutorial how to create drop shadow in Photoshop. Really photoshop is the best application in photo editing and add effects. I will explain in this tutorial how to use drop shadow with layer style in easy way.

Step 1: Open your image on photoshop and select to which    object you wants to drop shadow.

Step 2: Select object and copy and paste in same image and object adjust to same place and same size.

Step 3: click on new layer in layers window (new layer means copy and paste object) and add layer style Drop shadow. Click on Layer menu and go to layer style and click on drop shadow. Layer style    window appear then click on drop shadow and adjust opacity, distance, angle, spread and size.

Step 4: Click on drop shadow effect in layers window and    right click on drop shadow effect go to new layer now you are separated new layer to drop shadow.

Step 5: Select drop shadow layer and click on Edit menu and go to Free Transform or control + T adjust drop shadow size and shape. Now you can create successfully drop shadow effect.