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How to increase your cell phone battery life

Nowadays smart phones are part of human life these are using multipurpose, example voice calling, video calling, internet browsing videos playing, audio songs playing, photo capturing and play games. so we are facing a big problem that is battery discharging in short period. So we will follow some tips, we are get more battery life.

I am taking about increase your smart phone battery life

If you don't use maps or your location assistant's (Google maps and location history etc...), you must turn off GPS. If you don't turn of GPS, your phone's GPS chip set searching for data so more energy it used.

If you are not using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you must keep turn off these services. If you are turned on unnecessary these services are searching for devices it means more energy used so you are make to turned off if you are not using these services.

Screen lighting also effect on battery life so decrease brightness level on your mobile device, you are saving more energy. And back light timing also set in minimum seconds.

you can turn on battery saver, it will stop automatic apps updates, automatic e-mail updates and unused apps so you can save some battery energy.